Packing List

Before I left Dover I drew up a detailed list of what went into my Rucksack (An Osprey Aether 70 for the curious, thanks to Dan for lending me this)

Packing List.

Dover.  5 / June / 2009

1 x Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent
1 x HawkBivi bag
1 x Sleeping bag in Dry bag
1 x Berghaus RG1 jacket
1 x Mini Tranger
1 x Shetland wool tank-top
1 x HH base layer
1 x HH Long johns
3 x pr Smartwool thick socks.
1 x pr Smartwool thin socks.
1 x pr Blk Merino socks.
1 x pr Shorts
1 x pr Trousers
1 x pr Midways
2 x Base layer T-shirts
1 x Polartec Fleece
1 x pr Meindl Borneo boots
1 x pr Trainers
1 x Cotton T-shirt
3 x pants
1 x Bottle Meths
1 x Bottle Suncream
1 x Bottle Insect Repellant
2 x Pack tissues
1 x Head Torch
1 x GPS system
1 x Deoderent
1 x Nikon D40
1 x Pencil Case *
1 x Medical Pack **
1 x Box Matches
2 x Days worth Flapjack ration
1 x Bar Dark Chocolate
1 x 500g risotto rice
1 x Dried mushrooms pack
1 x Dry bag with plugs/chargers
1 x Phone
1 x French phrasebook
1 x German phrasebook
1 x Map of France
1 x Map of Germany
1 x Map of Switzerland
1 copy J. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
1 copy E. A. Poe’s The Journal of Julius Rodman
1 copy F. Neitzsche’s Ecce Homo
1 copy T. A. Clark’s Distance & Proximity
1 copy R. Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost
1 copy A. Fournier’s The Wanderer
1 x Notebook
1 x Sketchbook
1 x Polkadot Handkerchief containing some of my fathers ashes

*Pencil Case contents
3 Pencils
4 Pens
1 Permanent Marker
1 Craft knife
1 Tube Super Glue
1 Opinel Knife
Paper clips
1 Pin

**Medical Pack contents
Non Drowsy Hay fever tablets
Arnica Tablets
Kamillosan cream
Compeed Blister plasters
Water purification tablets


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